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Welcome to Collection Eleven
Curating Cushions featuring Kyra Crane cushions.

Curating your cushions: Kyra Crane

In styling your living space, cushions are often overlooked. Downgraded to “accessories”, these furnishings are in fact a tool to tie together elements of your living space and add personality. Unlike large pieces of furniture that you commit to, both in terms of cost and the space they use up, the cushion is interchangeable. They have the power to transform a room. Therefore, cushions are not just a spare part but when styled right, easily the star of the show.

image of cushions on a bed in a children's room that suggest a colour scheme and pattern has been established. Products available at Collection Eleven

Image Credits: Collection Eleven


Colour Scheme

So how do you find this holy grail cushion that will transform your living space magically into a stylish and elegant space? While no cushion can change your suite, it can definitely upgrade your space at a fraction of the cost. First things first, consider your colour scheme. As much as you want to hop on trends of adding bright bold colours that stand in contrast, or mismatch patterns, fundamentally, you need to stick to a few colours. As a general rule pick three colours and see where it takes you.

 Arranging cushions to have balanced space is important. This shot shows a lady moving cushions to find the best effect in the living room that has a high ceiling, book shelf, and large window in the background.

Image Credits: Collection Eleven


You certainly don’t want a busy living space, one that leaves it feeling cluttered and uncomfortable, so, it is important to consider how many cushions you want. The rule of three is a good one to apply, and for larger sofas and seating areas sticking to an odd number ensures your space remains balanced.

A bedroom shot of different cushions of different textures and size. This demonstrates the ability to mismatch cushions to create a cohesive interior. The shot features a bed with soft furnishings of cushions and blankets in soft muted pink and cream shades.

Image Credits: Collection Eleven

Match or Mismatch

Once you’ve achieved a vision, you’re further than you might have expected. When picking your cushions, you might want to go eclectic: mismatching unique pieces; placing different patterns alongside; or exhibiting contrasting textures. Perhaps you have settled on a uniform look.

Image Credits: Collection Eleven


The story you want to tell in your space is also something to consider. Kyra Crane references wild open spaces through her application of oxides and stains by layering and using multiple firings. Her experience with creating her subtle markings and textures make her designs truly unique. Kyra Crane’s international reputation and the quality of Villa Nova’s cushions, match to create cushions that tell and present a story. Handmade products offer natural variations because no two cuts are the same, and this is mirrored in the unpredictability of the glaze of ceramics. Therefore, when buying a cushion, perhaps it is also worth considering therefore what they symbolise, connote or present in your home.

 Cushions can make a plain blank space have a personality and impact. Therefore, when styling your living space, cushions shouldn't be a last-minute thought, but something considered the whole time. If you want a change of space, but your suite is perfectly adequate, then cushions are your helping hand. By considering the colours and volume, if the cushions match or mismatch, are handcrafted making them unique, or present a narrative, your living space is instantly styled effortlessly.

Francesca Lea

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