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How to 'hygge' and heat-proof

How to 'hygge' and heat-proof

With the winter to set in, there are numerous ways to adapt our spaces. Perhaps the best way to heat-proof our homes is to look at the Scandavian hygge lifestyle that promotes comfort and cosiness and prioritises wellbeing. Hygge is in Vogue. 

Back in 2017 Vogue said hygge was going out of fashion, that “lagom” would take hold of 2017 interior crazes. Little did they know a pandemic would make hygge a buzzword of post-covid interiors. Whether in “hygge” is in fashion or out of it, the principle of this Scandanavian lifestyle is something we all search for in an interior. Comfort.



You’ve probably experience hygge without even knowing it. Maybe even passed it on the highstreet shelves. The Little Book Of Hygge written by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen explores how Hygge is an integral part of Scandavian culture. Ironically, Wiking’s book also serves as a perfect accessory for a coffee table, bringing you closer to your own hygge interior. 

To achieve this comfortable living, there are likely to be some immediate outlays, but when it comes to energy saving, it’s good to think long term. Perhaps the best place to start is with the most obvious… 


  • Curtains

Though this one might be the most obvious it is no less important. There are many types of curtains to opt for such as thermal curtains or heavy weight curtains. Doubling up as a way to exclude heat in the summer months, this is perfect to remove drafts.


  • Draft Excluders

Elimiating the pesky draft can be tricky but purchasing some draft excluders are practical. They make removing drafts from doors with no curtain rails all the easier to help fix. 

  • Throws and layers

A basket of throws in the corner or thrown on your sofa effortlessly, there is nothing to not like about a nice throw. 

  • Moving around furniture


To get the most out of your radiators it’s good to consider where you’ve positioned your furniture. If your larger pieces of furniture are touching the radiator the air circulation is likely to be impacted. Consider moving your furniture around, just make sure to also avoid potential drafty window spots! 

  • The aesthetic, but pesky floor and skirting boards

Filling in floor and skirting boards and making sure there isn’t a gapping key hole, though laborious, are perhaps the sneakiest of all hacks to remove a draft.

  • Rugs

If floorboard gaps arent fixable or you find yourself tiptoeing on cold surfaces, a rug is your best friend. Even layering rugs can take your space to the next level.

  • Candles

Setting softer lighting is part of hygge. Doubling up as a great way to reduce your electricity bill, candlelabres have become all the rage. In fact the candle market is projected to grow by 8% over the next subsequent years. Whether it’s scented or tapered, candles epitomise cosy living.

  • Practical

It’s all well and good decorating your interior when there is heating to begin with, so it’s nearly impossible for me to write how to save energy when there is no mention of some rather important less glamorous points. Get the boiler serviced. Bleeding radiators could help heating performance. Loft insulation and carpet underlay. 

Perfect ways to achieve the hygge vibe seem to be the perfect way to reduce energy prices. It’s almost as if hygge is the way forward. 

Francesca Lea

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